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US Powerball

There are giants in every field of life, from sport and entertainment through to business and politics. Something about such people or companies stand them apart from all others. This is also true when you consider the great lotteries of the world, and often the standout there is in the jackpot sums they offer.

If this is the case, then right on top of the pile, looking down at everyone else, you might well place the legendary US PowerBall game. Earlier in 2016, they took the highest ever jackpot payout away from another lottery where it had stood for a while at $840m. The astonishing thing is the difference between the old and new records, as the US PowerBall paid out an utterly stunning 2.3 billion dollars. Together with that previous record holding lottery, US Mega Millions, these two US lottery giants have been responsible for every one of the top 15 lottery jackpots ever won.

Here at Lottoland, a single US PowerBall game is just $5*, and you can play their draws for each Thursday and Sunday (timed for 11am AEST or 1pm AEDT). Their minimum jackpot is superb at $52 million, so head to our Lottoland site now and be part of the action.

Play US Powerball in Australia Online

If somebody told you that for just $5* you could go online and play a lottery game that has paid out the greatest jackpot of all time, you’d surely be interested. Well, the online portal is here at Lottoland, the game is US PowerBall, and the jackpot is a mind-blowing $2.3 billion. This happened earlier this year, taking the accolade from another US lottery which had previously paid out $840m. So, the record almost tripled in one fell swoop!

If that huge sum was a one-off, at least so far, their minimum starting point for any draw of $52 million is a pretty useful sum on its own. You’d probably take a day, or a life, off work after a win like that. US PowerBall is quick and easy to play online with Lottoland. Their draws happen twice weekly, namely Thursdays and Sundays, and timed for 11am AEST or 1pm AEDT. To play online, simply choose five numbers, plus your PowerBall choice. Matching them all makes you a jackpot winner.

Just $5* for a single play, easy online access, and instantly updated results. US PowerBall is all you’d want it to be at Lottoland.

US Powerball vs US Mega Millions

‘Ladies and gentlemen, in the red corner, the current holder of the largest jackpot every paid by any lottery at $840m, introducing the legendary MegaMillions.’ ‘And, in the blue corner, their challenger, the hugely popular US PowerBall.’

An imaginary contest you’d guess, but one with a very real result. Earlier this year, it was the US PowerBall challenger who shattered the champion’s jaw by producing an astonishing knockout blow, with a new jackpot draw record ‘punch’ of £2.3 billion.

So, which game would you prefer to play? Well, a simple answer is both, and it’s easy to do so here at Lottoland. A single game with either giant from the land of the red, white and blue, will cost you just $5*. MegaMillions offers a better chance of winning a prize at 1:15, whereas their rival is set at 1:55. However, it’s the US PowerBall game which has the substantially larger minimum jackpot of $52m; whereas MegaMillions is some way behind at $20m.

Make your choice – or choices – and head to Lottoland to be part of the next available draw. US PowerBall is held on Thursday and Sunday, it’s Wednesday and Saturday for MegaMillions – and all draws are timed for 1pm AEST (3pm AEDT). Why not come and play both of these great games right now at Lottoland.

US Powerball Promotions

Here’s an important promotional code to remember: PB2F1AUS and we’ll tell you why in a moment. A clue: it’s to offer terrific value when playing one of the world’s truly legendary lotteries.

It’s called US PowerBall, is a huge favourite here at Lottoland, and our special promotion is for you, whether you are a first-time or a regular player. Why should you play US PowerBall? Well, it offers astonishing minimum jackpots of $52 million. You have a 1:55 chance of winning a prize at some level. All great, but here’s the terrific. They are the holders of the record for the biggest lottery jackpot payout, anywhere and anywhen (okay we made that last word up). The amount, which we haven’t made up, is a humongous $2.3 billion. You didn’t misread that – it does say billion.

The thought of playing for those kind of sums must make you eager to head over to our Lottoland online portal right now. When you do, it’s time to remember that code. Here it is again: PB2F1AUS. Use it when you reach the Lottoland checkout and it will give you two games for the price of just one – saving you $5.

US Powerball Results

And the winner is…

It’s that moment, after the contest is over, when the result is announced. The tension is high, the hopes of those taking part much the same, and then…

With so many people coming to our Lottoland website to play great lottery games, it’s no wonder that we appreciate how important it is to deliver the results as quickly as is possible. So that’s what we do.

A terrific example of this service is with the twice weekly and always legendary US PowerBall game. Many people will be eagerly checking the Thursday and Sunday draws, right after they take place at 11am AEST or 1pm AEDT. Why such eagerness? Well this is the lottery that starts with a minimum jackpot of $52m – more than many others ever pay out as their best-ever prize. That’s just for starters though, as earlier this year, they absolutely smashed the record for the highest ever payout when their jackpot reached an amazing $2.3 billion.

So, come to Lottoland online and play the game and see for yourself what is or could be won. In fact, you can check results right back to the previous millennium and 1992 if you wish. First, of course, it’s time to play, so join us here at Lottoland for quick and easy access to those amazing US PowerBall draws.