Play Keno Online Australia

Keno Online Australia

If you’re keen for a game of Keno, there’s no need to wait. With Lottoland, you can play Keno Australia online whenever you’re ready and at anytime of day. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have an Internet connection and a mobile device or computer. To make playing really convenient, download Keno Australia Lottoland’s app. That way, you’ll always have Keno at your fingertips.

There are Keno Australia draws every four minutes. As hard as it is to believe, that’s 15 chances per hour to score a whopping million dollars. The action kicks off every day at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) every morning and doesn’t finish up until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT). You need never have a day off!

Keno Australia draws follow a pretty straight-forward process. In every draw, there are 70 numbers. 20 of these are selected at random. Players must decide how many numbers they’d like to enter – from a minimum of one to a maximum of 10. The more numbers a player stakes, the higher their potential KeNow winnings. In order to nab the jackpot, a player must match 10 numbers, staked with 10x. But, even if you don’t make any matches at all, you can still win.

Entering Keno Australia on Lottoland is very affordable. Each game is just $1* a pop. So, why wait any longer? Visit Lottoland right now and try your luck at online Keno.

Play Keno Online

Every single day of the week, you can play Keno online at Lottoland Australia. In fact, giving your lucky numbers a whirl has never been easier. Draws are held every four minutes, launching at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and continuing until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT). That adds up to a total of 15 draws per hour and all draws put you in the running to win a massive million dollars.

Here’s how to play Keno online at Lottoland. First, you’ve got to choose whether you want to enter one number, ten numbers or any amount in between. Secondly, you must decide on your stake. Then, it’s time to cross your fingers and hope that it’s your lucky day. There are 70 numbers in every draw and 20 are selected randomly.

As you might’ve guessed, your potential winnings are determined by how much you’re willing to stake. For the big million, you have to match 10 numbers, all staked at 10x.

The good news is that, when you play Keno with Lottoland, you can win a prize, even if none of your numbers scores a match. What’s more, KeNow Lottoland lets you enter for just $1 a game.

Keno Odds

Of all the lotteries available all over the world, Keno offers some of the best odds. In fact, at every single draw, you have a 1:2,147,181 chance of taking home the million dollar jackpot.

One of the reasons for this is that Keno draws take place so often. The first one for the day is at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and, after that, they go on every four minutes, until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT).

Those who are familiar with Keno will know that you can enter between one and 10 numbers. How many you choose determines your odds, and your potential winnings. By selecting just one number, you set your Keno odds at 1:4.

Meanwhile, if you select at least eight numbers, you can win a prize without making any matches at all. The same is true if you enter all ten numbers. However, the more matches you make, the more money you’re likely to win. Score at least five to take a home some cash.

Go to Lottoland now, to enjoy outstanding Keno odds and play easily at any time of day. Lottoland’s online Keno service means that all you need is an Internet connection and computer or mobile device.

How To Play Keno Online

Keen Keno players should familiarise themselves with Lottoland, where you can play Keno online every single day. One million dollars could be yours every four minutes. Do a quick sum and you’ll soon realise that makes for an exciting 15 chances at winning per hour. From 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) the draws start and they don’t quit until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT). That’s seven days a week.

Learning how to play Keno is easy. It’s simply a matter of picking numbers and deciding how much to stake. For all Keno draws, 70 numbers go into the hat. Of these, 20 are chosen at random. To enter, you can choose between one and 10 numbers. You must also choose a stake of between $1 and $10. As you might be able to guess, higher stakes mean higher potential winnings. If you’re lucky enough to match 10 numbers, all staked at $10, you’ll be winning $1 million.

It’s not hard to win smaller prizes, either. In fact, should you stake at least eight numbers, yet not match any of them, you can still take some cash home. You why not give your lucky numbers a quick whirl and play Keno at Lottoland?

Keno Win Strategies

Many Keno players are hopeful of winning a million bucks. But that’s only one way how to win Keno. You can score various Keno prizes, depending on how many Keno numbers you’d like to enter and how much you’d like to invest in Keno stakes.

To enter, you must choose between one and 10 numbers in a range of 1 and 70. Should you select just one or two numbers, then you must match all of them to win. But, if you choose to go with three numbers, you can score a prize by matching just two (or more) of them.

The pattern continues as you go up. So, if you pick four numbers, you can take some cash home by matching at least two numbers. If you choose five or six lucky numbers, you’ll need to match at least three to win.

Meanwhile, with seven numbers chosen, you’ll have to match at least four; with eight numbers chosen, you’ll have to match a minimum of four (or by matching none!); and, with nine or 10 numbers chosen, you’ll have to match at least five (or, again, not a single one).

The size of your potential prize depends on the size of your Keno stakes. At Lottoland, you can between $1 and $10. Your winnings will be multiplied according to how much you decide on.

Keno Results

Do you get frustrated, wondering how your latest Keno numbers went? It might be time to play Keno online at Lottoland. Rather than making you wait to find out about Keno results, Lottoland publishes them straight away. Plus, on top of publishing all the latest Keno results, as well as those of the day before, the site stores a massive database of past lottery results. This excellent archive lets you see how Keno numbers have performed over time. So, you can use it to develop clever Keno strategies.

One of the reasons that Lottoland’s lottery results service is so popular is that it’s able to keep up with Keno. There are draws taking place 15 times an hour, which doesn’t make maintaining up-to-date results very easy. All the latest Keno numbers are covered and are published without waiting. You don’t have to sit around wondering and worrying.

Keno draws start at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and continue until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT), with 20 numbers drawn each time. So, play anytime you like pretty much around the clock and check the latest Keno results on Lottoland immediately.