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While many people like to imagine how great it would be to visit far-away lands, our Lottoland customers know that securing a jackpot in one of the world’s great lottery games would be a terrific starting point to realise such a dream. Other Australians love to have a punt on one of our own home based lotteries. Here at Lottoland, we make it quick and easy for our many customers to do either of these things – or both.

Therefore, as well as providing a superb and easy-to-use online portal for our own country’s games, we now offer access to some great lotteries from two other continents. This means that, from North America, we now offer swift entry to a couple of true legends in the lottery universe, with both MegaMillions and the US PowerBall games just waiting for you to play them. Crossing to Europe, we offer a pair of terrific individual country choices, with Italy’s SuperEnalotto and the UK’s Lotto available to you. We also simply couldn’t neglect EuroMillions, the lottery that so often offers the biggest jackpots across the whole of that continent.

One important point to know: when you play these games here at Lottoland, the prizes you win are exactly the same as those of the natives of that lottery game’s homeland. Enter the games of your choice, and if your numbers then match the winning numbers from a draw, your prize money is added to your personal Lottoland account. We even offer some extra and truly special promotions and bonuses, and jackpots, purely for our own customers. Come and see for yourself how to play Lotto and PowerBall, and more, and give yourself those vital chances to win some of the biggest jackpots you could ever imagine.

Lottoland Australia

G’day! A typical Australian greeting – friendly and quick. These are also the key qualities of our superb Lottoland Australia site. We know that many of our citizens are fond of the occasional game of skill and chance, and like to take part in our own great lottery games, including the one and only Keno. We’ve also discovered that many also appreciate an option to participate in a select few of the world’s truly outstanding international lotteries.

Both of these needs are met through our user friendly Lottoland Australia site. Setting out from our own shores, you can take a journey to Europe and be part of great games such as this trio: EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto or UK Lotto. The second of these is a hugely popular Italian lottery, and the first is offered in a group of countries and delivers the highest jackpots in that whole area.

Should you know of the reputation for United States lotteries to roll over to astonishing multi-million, and even billion, dollar jackpot prize opportunities, then your chosen games may be that famous pair from the US – PowerBall and MegaMillions.

Whichever your preferences, you play just as you would in each native home of the game. So choose those vital numbers, add the amount of lines you’ve decided on, and you’re swiftly a real part of the action. As someone once said of footy: ‘It’s a results based game’. So are our lotteries, and that’s why we always keep up-to-date with all the draw results, ready for you to check just when you want to.

Not only will your winnings be credited right to your Lottoland Australia account, but you’ll also win exactly the same amount of money as the locals would, and across every prize tier and division of that specific competition. Our fun-loving Lottoland Australia team have also added extra promotions and bonuses that are not available where these lotteries are played. As an example: introducing DoubleJackpot. You double your stake, we double your jackpot prize, should you be triumphant. Check out this great idea and more right now at Lottoland Australia.

How Lottoland Australia Works

From shore to shore, north to south, through states and territories, increasing numbers of punt-loving Australians are heading online to visit us here at Lottoland. This is because we offer an unmatched portal to play both all our great Australian lotteries, but also to cross oceans and enter world leading games such as MegaMillions or the US PowerBall, or the pan-continental EuroMillions.

Humans are naturally curious about how things work, so we often get asked this question about Lottoland Australia. It will take us just a couple of minutes to provide all the details…

To play, you simply enter following exactly the same process as any Americans or Europeans would when taking part in their own games. This means you have the same numbers choices, and can set your number or level of entries.

Our payouts are exactly the same as for those home country players. This is assured whenever you match a prize tier, and this is due to our superb Lottoland insurance model which guarantees that all such winning tickets will be paid in full. These winning are credited straight to the personal Lottoland account in your name.

We go further: the inventive Lottoland team have added extra offers and bonuses only available to our customers, and these are in addition to the official games.

To check: all the latest lottery draw results are also found here on our Lottoland Australia website. This even shows you the historic results for games that go back into the last Ice Age. Well, not that far, but right back to the start of some of the competitions.

That’s the information complete – so please come and join us.

Lottoland Australia – Cash4Life

Are you the kind of person who wakes up each morning and knows that today will be a good day? It’s a fairly typical Australian trait, this positivity and cheerful optimism. Now, imagine if you woke as the dawn broke every day, and knew that you were already a thousand dollars better off than when you went to sleep!

Does that sound too good to be true? If so, you obviously haven’t heard of Cash4Life. Their jackpot draws happen every Monday and Thursday at 9pm precisely (ET). Should your chosen numbers all come up, then you’ve won that $1000 bundle, delivered every single day for the rest of your life! Weekdays! Weekends! Public holidays! Birthdays! Well, every day is like one of them.

Even if you miss out on this daily jackpot payout, the second prize level is awesome as you’ll receive a full $1000 each month until your race is fully run. In all, if you play Cash4Life here at Lottoland, you’ll discover there are a brilliant 9 prize tiers in this competition.

To enter, you make your personal choice of five numbers between 1 and 60. Add a chosen CashBall from 1 to 4. You can enter one Cash4Life game through our Lottoland site for just a couple of bucks – yep only $2* to be part of that grand possibility. Plus, it’s good to know that the odds of winning a top prize are calculated at 1:21,846,048, which is shown to be significantly better than for most other lotteries. Enter now and be ready for the next twice-weekly draw.

* Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.