Euro Millions Lotto Australia

Euro Millions Lotto in Australia

Would you like to be able to buy whatever you desired, go wherever you wished to, and be able to do just what you wanted? If so, you’ve probably imagined the feeling of winning big on the lottery! That’s why our Lottoland team have now provided the chance to be in the draws for one of the world’s top lotteries – Euro Millions. Amazing jackpots are won there, and you can join in the fun for just $5* for one game.

This lottery is now over a decade old, and offers a terrific starting point minimum jackpot of €15m. Don’t bother getting the calculator out – we reckon that’s about $21m. And that’s just one end of the Euro Millions jackpot scale. At the other is a record payout of €190m or about $267m Australian!

When you play the Euro Millions lottery online through Lottoland, remember that each draw takes place in the city of Paris and at 9.30pm Central European Time. This happens every Tuesday and Friday across the year.

To play is so easy: you start with a 5 Euro Millions number selection between 1 and up to 50. You add an additional pair of Lucky Stars numbers from 1 to 11. A jackpot is won, or shared, if all 7 come up in a draw. If you match only two of your main numbers, you also win; and they offer a whopping 13 prize divisions. You can then check your Euro Millions numbers against each draw with us online at Lottoland. Simple as that!

Play Euro Millions Lotto Online

Lottoland are always ready to help you play the great Euro Millions lottery online, and it’s so quick and easy to do so. To enter Euro Millions, you start by picking out your own 5 number choices from 1 right up to 50. After this, you also then add another two Lucky Stars number selections, from 1 to 11. When all seven of an entry’s numbers come out in a draw, the usually huge Euro Millions jackpot is won.

That winner could be you, and if only 2 or more of your choices are there, you’re still a winner somewhere in their superb total of 13 prize divisions. Lottoland will always match all prizes as given out by Euro Millions. From as little as $5* you can be a part of the excitement that sweeps across Europe as these jackpots soar. The current record win? A mere €190m/$267m!

Our Lottoland team provides you with a chance to be automatically entered in each Euro Millions draw. You might prefer to have us enter you in only if their jackpot reaches a chosen level. The Euro Millions draws happen each Tuesday and Friday, and at 9.30pm Central European Time. So you can sleep soundly, have amazing dreams, and you might even wake up to find a different reality!

Euro Millions vs EuroJackpot Lotto

Give me the facts! This is often a cry when people are asked to make important decisions. So we will, to allow you to choose well from the great Euro Millions v Euro Jackpot options.

The start of the entry process is the same for both: you simply pick your five main numbers, and these are anywhere from 1 up to 50. Then, for both competitions, you also include a pair of bonus number selections. First difference: the Euro Millions choices range 1 through 11; while EuroJackpot does limit you to 1 through 10.

Another key question concerns the relative chances of being a winner at some level. Firstly, Euro Jackpot offers you a 1:42 probability. Impressively, the Euro Millions winning probability is just 1:23.

How much might you win if all your numbers come up? Well, Euro Jackpot’s biggest jackpot to date is a useful $84m/€60m. Again, Euro Millions takes you up a few notches as their highest jackpot payout was $267m/€190m! The Euro Millions minimum is $21m/€15m; Euro Jackpot’s is $14m/€10m. Lastly, it’s important to know that Euro Millions draws every Tuesday & Friday evenings (9.30pm), while Euro Jackpot is only on Friday (9pm). All these times are CET.

There are the facts. It’s up to you to choose which one you prefer – or both if you fancy – and be in the Euro Jackpot draws with Lottoland from $3, and Euro Millions for $5*. It’s up to you.

Euro Millions Lotto Promotions

If you like to take the chance to win a fortune, then you’ll welcome the fact that Lottoland gives you the chance to be part of the legendary Euro Millions lottery. As a true blue Aussie, you’ll also appreciate a bargain, so keep reading!

Here’s a bit about Euro Millions. It’s a hugely popular lottery because they consistently deliver the most amazing jackpots anywhere in continental Europe. Their best so far comes in at $267m (€190m); and their minimum certainly is a very useful $21m (€15m). The game itself began about a dozen years ago. The Brits, together with their French and Spanish neighbours, banded together to create Euro Millions. Here in our country, you can quickly check the previous night’s winning numbers through us at Lottoland, as the draws take place at 9.30pm Central European Time in Paris each and every Tuesday and Friday night.

Now the amazing bargain we promised you: simply buy a subscription for a minimum of 1 game in each of these twice a week draws. Normally that would be $10, but right now, we’re reducing this by a whole 15% so you pay just $8.50.

So get busy now: pick just 5 main draw numbers, add a couple of Lucky Stars, and you’re good to go!

Euro Millions Lotto Results

Do you live in Victoria or Tasmania, WA or South Australia, Queensland or NSW, perhaps the ACT or NT? Wherever your home, like many Australians, it’s time to send your thoughts to Paris every Tuesday and Friday evening. Why? That’s the place, and 9.30pm CET the time, when you could instantly become the latest lucky winner as the draw is completed to find the latest Euro Millions jackpot numbers.

This amazing lottery was set up as a European endeavour by a combination of the French, Spanish and Brits very early in the new millennium. In the decade and more since, Euro Millions has consistently delivered the best lottery jackpots in Europe. Their minimum jackpot is a great starting point at €15m or about $21m Australian. Meanwhile, you better sit down, as we tell you that the record Euro Millions rollover jackpot was €190m/$267m.

Lottoland always makes it as easy to enter as it is to check the winning numbers. In fact, we hold all Euro Millions draw results, right from day one. By the way, they even deliver 13 different prize divisions, and that will be lucky for many. Entered yet?