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Problem Gambling

Most Australians enjoy gambling responsibly. It is a form of enjoyment and entertainment that is a part of most people’s day to day lives; in fact, almost every adult Australian gambles in some form at least once a year. This could be placing the occasional bet on a major horse race, spending an evening at the casino, playing bingo, buying a lottery ticket or ‘scratchie’ or playing the poker machines after a pub meal and beer.

But for some Australians, gambling can become a problem. These problems can develop so that they cause significant harm to the problem gambler and their families. Up to 500,000 million Australians are either already problem gamblers or at increased risk of becoming one, but the important thing to know is that help is available and accessible.

If you feel you are becoming or have already become a problem gambler, you are not alone. But it is important to realise that; if you feel that the problem is getting out of control, you should not hesitate to take action that can really help.

To manage the problem yourself, it is simple to register for the ‘self-exclusion’ program. This program must be provided by all Australian gambling providers, which means that problem gamblers can effectively ban themselves from venues or from internet gambling. The self-exclusion program leaves the consumer in control when it comes to which venues or websites they want to be excluded from, the minimum period of the exclusion, and whether to either extend or end the ban.

Gambling Help Online is a great resource for problem gamblers. Help is free, it’s just a click away, it is available immediately, there is no need to make an appointment and it is available 24/7 via chat and email. You can also seek other gambling counselling services throughout Australia.