Play USA, European, Australian Lotto & Powerball

Rather than confining your Lotto play just to Australian games, why not go global and use Lottoland to play in Lotteries from Europe, the States and elsewhere?

Just by buying a ticket for the US Powerball® Lottery, for example, you could be in with a chance of winning anything from US$50,000,000 right up to US$1,000,000,000!

With US Mega Millions, the jackpot gets even bigger – jackpots range from US$20,000,000 right up to a staggering US$800, 000,000!

If you prefer to play Lotto over on the European continent, a jackpot win on the Euro Millions could see you take home anything from $21 million to $250 million. The Euro numbers are drawn each Tuesday and Friday, giving you two opportunities to win big each week.

Why not enjoy a game of online Keno, where you have the chance to win $1,000,000 every four minutes? With so many different games to choose from, no matter when you want to play, there’s always a fresh, exciting game on offer.

Closer to home, the Australian Saturday Lotto and Wednesday Lotto still provide some great jackpots.

Superdraws and Megadraws for these Lottos can see the winning numbers net jackpots of around AU$50 million! Australian Powerball® and Oz Lotto are two more exciting Australian Lotto games that offer life-changing jackpots each week.

When you play Lotto through Lottoland, you can buy tickets and find your Lotto results either online or via your mobile phone. We aim to bring you the very best Lotto from around the world, as well as ensuring you get to hear the results as soon as they’re drawn.

Licensed and regulated for all the games offered, Lottoland provides a convenient one-stop solution to all your Lotto needs.

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Australian Lotto + Powerball & Oz Lotto

Australian Lotto & Powerball

When it comes to Australian Lotto, almost every night is a Lotto night! With Wednesday Lotto and Saturday Lotto in addition to the Lotto games on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, there’s no excuse not to take part.

Wednesday and Saturday Lotto are also known as Tatts Lotto, Gold Lotto or X Lotto, depending on whereabouts in the country you’re located. With a guaranteed AU$4,000,000 jackpot and six prize divisions, a win from Saturday Lotto could really make a difference. Don’t forget that there is also a schedule of Saturday Lotto Superdraws, where the jackpot rises to $20,000,000, as well as the annual Saturday Lotto Megadraws that can offer an incredible $30,000,000 or more!

If you fancy something a little different, why not try Australian Powerball®? With more prize divisions (eight) than any other Australian Lotto game, the Powerball® numbers are drawn each Tuesday at 20:30 AEST. Jackpots are a guaranteed $3,000,000, but can be as high as $50,000,000. To play, just pick six numbers from one to 40, plus a Powerball® number from between one and 20.

You can play Oz Lotto and much more through Lottoland, as well as get up-to-the-minute Lotto results on all your favourite games.

Play US Powerball Jackpot Australia

US Powerball

Benefiting from truly awesome US Powerball® jackpots, that in some cases are more than a billion US dollars, the US Powerball® is a fantastic game to play with the chance to win some incredibly large amounts of money. US Powerball® is a multi-state lottery that’s played right the way across America. Winners can choose whether to receive their prize all in one go, or benefit from 30 yearly instalments.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of getting those winning Powerball® numbers and the guaranteed minimum jackpot of $52 million USD is to pick five numbers from between one and 69 as well as a Powerball® number from between one and 20. Through us at Lottoland, you can play US Powerball® for as little as $5*.

There are two US Powerball® draws each week – one on a Thursday and one on a Sunday, at 11:00 AEST and 13:00 AEDT.

When you take out a US Powerball® subscription with Lottoland, we’ll enter you automatically into the Powerball® draw, ensuring you don’t accidentally miss out on your chance to win. Don’t forget to check the US Powerball® results on Lottoland after each game to see if you’re a lucky winner.

Play Keno Online Australia

Play Keno Online

An exclusive game available through Lottoland, KeNow is a variation on Keno that gives players the opportunity to win £1,000,000 every four minutes – that’s 15 chances an hour to win a tidy little sum here at Lottoland. With draws starting at in the afternoon at 14:34 AEST and carrying on right through the night up until 07:54 AEST, there’s always the chance to play Keno and maybe get lucky.

Learning how to play Keno couldn’t be easier – just make sure you’ve selected ten numbers from the 20 out of 70 that are drawn. If all of your ten numbers come up, you’ve become the winning Keno player and the prize will be yours! Even if you don’t match all ten numbers, there are still plenty of chances to win smaller prize amounts.

The Keno strategies you use to play KeNow online or via your mobile with Lottoland are exactly the same as you would use at your local club or casino. To increase your potential winnings, raise your stake from $1 to anything up to $10.

With so many chances every day to win up to $1,000,000 with Keno at Lottoland, there’s no excuse not to take part.

Euro Millions Lotto Australia

Euro Millions Lotto

Why not enjoy the benefits of the largest lottery in Europe and take part in the Euro Millions draw? If your winning Euro Millions numbers come up, you could scoop a jackpot of up to $300,000,000, with a guaranteed minimum jackpot win of $22 million. All you have to do is pick five matching numbers and two lucky stars for the jackpot to be yours. With 13 European countries taking part, Euro Millions is Europe’s biggest lottery and the one which has the record for giving out the biggest jackpots found anywhere in Europe. The Euro Millions lottery is drawn on a Tuesday and Friday in Paris, France.

To be in with your chance to play Euro Millions through Lottoland, just pick your numbers and pay for your tickets online or via your mobile phone. Tickets cost just $5*, so even if you’re on a budget, you can still enter and maybe enjoy a welcome win. When you take out a Euro Millions subscription with Lottoland, we’ll put you automatically into each draw, ensuring you never miss out on your chance to win.

Once you’ve entered the Euro Millions draw, don’t forget to check the Euro Millions results on the Lottoland site to see if you’re a winner.

US Mega Millions Lotto Australia

US Mega Millions Lotto

With some of the highest jackpots in the world, some US Mega Millions winners have been known to take home more than $500,000,000! The biggest jackpot ever recorded from a Mega Millions draw was $840,000,000 and there is always a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $20,000,000. If you like to play Lotto games where there is the opportunity to win big, the US Mega Millions game is worth entering.

To be in with a chance, just pick five numbers from between one and 75, plus a Megaball from between one and 15. If your winning Mega Millions numbers come up, you’re a winner! There are five Megaplier increments that allow you to boost your winnings from the second division.

Here at Lottoland, we make it easy to play US Mega Millions. Tickets are a modest $5*, so you can play for less when you play with Lottoland. To ensure you never miss a game, take out a subscription and we will enter you automatically. Should you be the lucky winner, you can take your jackpot all in one go, or enjoy it over 30 years in installments. Remember to check our site for your US Mega Millions results.

Lotto & Powerball Results

Latest Lotto & Powerball Results

Getting Lotto results is always exciting, which is why we make sure our site is updated with the most recent results almost as soon as the numbers are drawn. Here at Lottoland we bring you all the Australian Saturday Lotto results and Wednesday Lotto results, as well as the Australian Powerball® results. Monday and Tuesday Lotto results are also displayed, so you always know whether you’ve been lucky or not. No matter which draws you’ve entered, you can trust us to bring you those all-important results.

Both the US Powerball® and the European EuroMillions results are updated on the Lottoland site as soon as the draws have taken place. We aim to bring you the results faster than anyone else, so you’re always up-to-date with the action. For people that have taken part in the US MegaMillions draw, you’ll be able to check on the results within minutes of the numbers being drawn, so make sure you’ve got your numbers ready! If you’re not near your computer, there’s no reason to miss out on results. Just use your mobile phone to access our site and you’ll be able to quickly find the Lotto results you’re looking for.

”Powerball®” is an Australian registered trademark of Tatts. The use of the word “Powerball®” is for informational and informative purposes only.

*Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing. Prices are subject to change.